Aug 16
Lancefield Swamp

image A bit of exciting news to announce!

In Grade 6, as a class, we visited a paleontology dig at the Lancefield Swamp – a site which, buried approx. 3 meters down, has approx. 10,000 individuals in it, from approx. 68,000 years ago.

Diprotodon (Rhino sized Wombats), Macropus titan (Giant Kangaroo), Genyornis (Giant flightless bird), Thyacinus (Marsupial Lion) and a wide range of other pre-historic animals are all located in the swamp bone bed deposit.

I have teamed up with that original professor from Deakin University and the Lancefield Community House, to assist Dr Sanja and her team with the funding needed to conduct field work at the swamp again to help answer some questions in relation to the swamp.

This field work will be using Ground Penetrating Radar to identity any in-let or out-let channels surrounding the swamp, which may have been the source of the flood which initially deposited the 10,000 individuals.

We are thankful for the native owners of the land and the assistance of the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation for allowing this passive and non-detective investigation to assist in our knowledge and understanding of the Site, The Swamp and how it came to be.

This is an exciting project for me – as the excursion at school to the swamp, lead to a life long passion for the ancient world its very exciting to be involved and assist the progress of science!

Stay tuned for updates!

As the nature of the swamp is quite wet, the field work will be conducted at the end of Summer (date to be set approx. March/April 2023).

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